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Will’s Story

The global pandemic has taken a toll on just about everybody. From the medical workers on the front line to the kid learning at home. Everybody is still coping with staying home or the fear of working during this time. Everyone is dealing with this virus and its effects differently, here’s how I manage.

Many things are helping me cope with this outbreak. One of the most helpful things for me is knowing that my family and friends are all healthy. It is easier to deal with this pandemic when I know that my family is safe. Another way I cope is staying active. My track season came to a very short end, but I still run and try to do workouts to get moving and put me at ease. I think staying active is the best way that I cope.

So much has changed because of COVID-19. Many things have changed within my family. Both my sisters got sent home from college, so we are all five trapped in a house together for the first time in a while. Usually at least one if not all of the kids in my family would be gone overnight or until curfew on the weekends, but now we are all home all the time. It was really hard changing from my set schedule into the world of distance learning and not leaving my house.

I’ve been staying in touch with my friends in many ways. A few of my friends and I just get on the phone during class so it is less lonely or we FaceTime later in the day just to at least see each other. Another way I stay in touch with my friends is over Xbox. For us it has always been more about talking and joking around, then actually getting serious about the game. This joking around and hearing my friends’ voices helps me so much during this tough time.

Supporting people is very important in these current times. One thing I do to support people is if anyone has a question about how something works in distance learning or the actual thing we are learning about, I try my best to help them. I try to learn how to do things beforehand in classes, so I can email a teacher before class starts with any problems I had or kids might also have. Helping other students with the challenges of distance learning is the best way I help my school.

I deal with this pandemic by staying active. So much has changed in my family from this pandemic whether it’s my sisters being home or my parents and I never leaving. I am lucky to have modern technology at this time because I can see my friends’ faces and talk with them with the click of a button. I try to help kids with distance learning the best I can. Everyone’s experiences are different during this time but those are mine.


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