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Scientific American: Resource Articles
Teen Health & Wellness has partnered with Scientific American magazine to offer reviewed content about important research, health, technology, science, the environment, and society. These high-interest articles have been reviewed and selected by Rosen’s team of editors and provide additional and unique content regarding Teen Health & Wellness topics to further support health and science inquiry and instruction.

  • Redesigned Hotlines page makes it easier for mobile and desktop users to find the resources they need.
  • The Calm Room provides a calming space for quick, mindful breaks with nature videos, sounds and music, animal cams, and more.
  • Integration with all major LMS systems.
  • “View Transcript” feature allows users to see closed captions for all videos
  • CASEL Core SEL Competencies added to Curriculum Correlations
  • NoodleTools citation generator
  • Instant article translation into over 100 languages
  • Save PDF articles to Google Drive to read and share later
  • Enhanced text visibility option
  • “It’s Your Voice” Lesson Plan: Students can create a PSA and submit it to Teen Health and Wellness for publication

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