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Mekede’s Story

So many times in our life we are used to doing and fixing things under our control, but this COVID situation is surely like no other, we cannot control it. If you were to ask me what my plans are for this summer I would have told you: going to nationals for my dance competitions, seeing my favorite relatives when they fly in for my sister’s graduation, and enjoying all the hot filled sunny days packed with freedom, but now due to the current situation, me and everyone else will be missing out on those things and be questioning when it is we can get back to them.

It’s odd for a lot of us because we have never experienced anything like this. Not being out in public is now normalized. I feel a lot of remorse for the people who have been affected dramatically by this, have had to change their whole lifestyle because of loss of jobs and the disease itself. Just like a lot of you might too, I also have times where I am very fearful and get scared of what is to come next. You play out different situations in your head of things that could happen. Curiosity lurks in my head, and I ask myself what if this or what if that, but then I remember it is all going to be fine. Personally, the one thing that has kept me together is my faith, and yours might be too. Knowing that through God and Jesus Christ I shouldn’t be full of fear, but of power and love has helped me find light. Continuing to support others and loving is crucial in a time like this, it’s something we all need.

For me, my biggest loss was dance. Dance is something that is a big part of me and my life. Until now I never thought I would lose dance. I adore going to my studio and training, and competitions—which are my favorite part and THE MAIN PART—were just getting started. So much devastation filtered inside me. In dance we start training in the beginning of September and head into competing around the end of March, just when COVID decided to make an appearance. They are currently rescheduled for June and who knows what will happen by then. I don’t think I’ve yet accepted the possibility that I might not be competing this year. I’m keeping my hopes held high. In spite of the fact that I would tear apart if I didn’t get a dance season this year, now as this pandemic is starting to get more serious I’m starting to understand that it is for the best and if it’s all I’m gonna lose from this, then I’m considered lucky.

Some of you may be still up and running, and some of you may be held captive, like me. I know how you are feeling if this is you. Trapped in your house, haven’t been in a building since like forever. My mom won’t let me go anywhere, not even to a local grocery store at 6 am. Meanwhile, while I’m held captive I have found some things to keep me entertained and surviving. I have kept my activeness and have been working out every day. I find this is a good tester of willpower and mental toughness, much needed right now. Other things I have been doing are baking, still focusing on my education, staying organized, and doing things that I normally would never have the extra time to do on a regular basis during my regular life. It is important to keep yourself engaged in activities you love so you can feel comfort and not hopelessness.

Right now this situation has brought a lot of challenges and obstacles to everyone like never before. Something I can say is that it is teaching us and showing us how to deal with things we have no power over. Fear has been brought upon me, my dance experience won’t be the same, and it’s a struggle to stay home. These things I cannot control. If you could have one wish right now it would probably be to end all of this instantly. But even though life probably won’t go back to normal anytime soon we can keep on persevering and continue doing what we have been doing. I wish everyone the best right now and send feelings full of warmth and not fear.


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