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Madisyn’s Story

When the coronavirus started I thought it would just be like another type of flu. Coronavirus has changed so many lives, including mine. It changed everything from going to school or seeing relatives. People went crazy when the virus started. People started hoarding everything, so when we went to the store we had not a lot of stuff to choose from. We could not go to school. We had to do it all online, which for me was hard. They canceled church all over so we had church outside, but the church I live next to still has not opened.

Homeschool was terrible with my two brothers that were in first grade. One has ADHD, so he cannot focus that well. My teachers gave me a lot of work to do. In cosmetology, I did not get my hours when we were out for the virus, which made me frustrated. It was hard to keep my grades up but I passed with As and Bs last year. I have not seen any of my relatives since Christmas from this virus. I still cannot go see my Mamaw until the coronavirus dies down some because she has a bad respiratory system, so she could get the virus.

You could not go anywhere when the virus started. They even canceled most doctor’s appointments. When they started opening everything up we had to wear some masks. I did not like the mask but they let us go back in the public, but you would have to wait in lines to go into a store and stand 6 feet apart. When we go to the doctor’s, you have to wait in your vehicle until they call you when they are ready for you. The only thing I like about the virus is they send us the paperwork we have to fill out before we get there.

Now that school started again for us we have to go back on a staggered schedule, so my sister and one of my brothers only go on Thursday. My other brother goes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday since he is in a class that helps him with his ADHD. They have to check our temperatures before we start school every time we go, and we have to wear our masks. We have to sit 6 feet apart. I do not see us going back full time anytime soon. In September we only go twice a week. I just want this virus gone and everything goes back to normal.


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