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Leah’s Story

The panademic is not only affecting our physical health, it is also affecting our mental health. According to statnews.com, online therapists have experienced nearly a 50 percent increase in clients. During this time of crisis it is important that we lean on one another for help; whether that is just a simple text or an hour long FaceTime, we need to be there for one another. The people we should reach out to include our family, friends, and we should make sure to take care of ourselves.

During this time it is especially important to check up on those family members who are by themselves. One thing I have been doing is going grocery shopping for my grandma. She lives by herself so she can get pretty lonely, but just calling her makes a world of difference. Another way I’ve helped my family through this time is doing my first grade brother’s learning with him while my parents are at work. Doing these things, although they are small, I think make a world of difference to let them know you care.

Another group of people to support are your friends. They also are struggling with these trying times so it is important to check in, let them know you care. A couple ways to do that are calling them to just chat, dropping off baked goods at their house, helping each other with homework, or just sending them a funny meme. Something that is very important to do, although it can be difficult, is to reach out. If you feel your friend is struggling, help them. Our friends are going through a very similar thing to you, so be there for one another.

Even though it seems you’re never alone with your whole family in the house together, make sure to make time for yourself. There are many activities you could partake in to give yourself some alone time. My personal favorite is going for a really long walk, like six miles, putting in some headphones and jamming out. Some other suggestions include reading a book or baking some food. Whatever it is you’re doing, make sure you are ok also, and don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need it.


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