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Jordan’s Story

In some way, everyone has been bullied before. Whether through words or actions. Emotionally, physically, verbally, socially, or even sexually, everyone has been bullied. Most of the time, you know it, but you choose not to show your feelings. Maybe you cover your feelings up by laughing about what had happened. Maybe you just run away. Maybe you play it off like nothing happened. Either way, you know that what they did was wrong, and you didn’t like it.

Bullying happens everywhere, all the time. No matter what the school says about it, it will never stop. The school may have some kind of “anti-bullying program” or something like that, but they cannot end it like they want to. Sometimes, the school doesn’t do anything about it. One in four kids are bullied on a regular basis. Most of the kids that are bullied do not tell anybody. The ones who do tell usually have nothing done about it. One out of five kids admit to bullying others. People commit suicide, and sometimes even kill other people, because of bullying. It is something that can be prevented, but never is.

I’ve been bullied before, and still am once in awhile. I know what it’s like to go home feeling like you’re nothing. Nobody really tries to help me, and the bullies never learn from their punishments. Of course, he does it to many other people, but it seems like he focuses it on me. Is it because I am weak? Am I an easy target? I’ve asked myself many times why he chooses me. I have yet to find a feasible answer. Sometimes, I do go to adults or friends and tell them about it. They promise that they’ll make it stop. Yet, it still goes on. He bullies me with the stupidest things. If I get told that I did something good, he’d find a way to make fun of it. He’s always pointing out things I do wrong. I have no idea why he thinks he’s better than me. He uses me to make himself more popular. I’ve seen many other kids with the exact same problem. Still, nobody ever stands up for them or me.

I’ve learned that if you try to turn it around, it works a little. I’ve tried agreeing with him, and it seems to work. Not everyone is a fortunate as I am, and when they see that they can’t have what I do have, they try to make me feel like them. I’m sure that my bully has been bullied before. At home, most likely. I’m lucky I don’t get bullied at home. I should be grateful for that.


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