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Jackson’s Story

Covid-19 has impacted the lives of many Americans. This pandemic has forced many of us to develop coping methods during this time. I have learned to cope by exercising every day. Only some things have changed in my family, as in we have to spend more time together. While I’m at home I am able to stay connected to my friends by video games that we can all do together.

I have coped with this pandemic by exercising daily. I have done this to keep busy and to build muscle while I am at home. I think doing exercise during these times is a good idea because afterwards you will be in better shape. Out of everything I could have done being stuck at home, I decided to think of what I’m somewhat lacking in, which is strength. If I had decided to cope by doing something else I don’t think I would have gotten as strong as I have. So during these times I would cope by focusing on my weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

In my family we spend more time together since we are trapped in the same house. Sometimes we will have game nights where we will play a random game together. But since I am stuck in the house I don’t get to leave to see my friends. Although we spend time together doesn’t mean it doesn’t get boring, as we can only play a game so many times. I will say though that my family and I have gotten closer because of this.

Since my friends and I don’t see each other anymore we communicate and hang out by playing online games. This has helped a lot so we aren’t just stuck with no one besides family. This has also been good because we still have fun while we are stuck. The only problem is when the games start getting boring but we still hang out anyways. Video games in my opinion are a good way for me to stay connected with friends and not get bored at home.

We all have different coping methods in which we will deal with things such as this pandemic. So during this time I would suggest turning weaknesses into strengths. Get closer with family and spend more time with them. Maybe play some online games with friends. Basically find some way, shape, or form to improve your own and family members’ life while stuck at home.


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