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Emma’s Story

Suffering Through COVID-19

As the coronavirus has wrapped its tentacles around our planet, we have suffered in many different ways. Whether it be from experiencing the virus first-hand, fighting on the frontlines, or watching it through a TV screen, we are all suffering in one way or another from this battle against COVID-19.

It is important to find ways to cope with your stress and uncertainty while stuck at home. One way is to exercise and work out from time to time. My sister and I have been running every other day during quarantine and it has helped me get my mind off everything that has been going on. When you are active, your body releases endorphins that reduce your perception of pain. Another way I have coped is by taking time to unwind. It is important to take time for yourself and do the activities that you love. For me, I like to turn to music when I am feeling down. Whether it’s listening to an uplifting playlist or playing my ukulele, it helps me cope with suffering. Another thing that is important in the midst of this pandemic is focusing on the present. Worrying about the future is unproductive, so do not worry about all the bad things that could happen and instead focus on the now.

Over the past few months, many things have changed. A big challenge for my loved ones and me is not getting to visit one another. It is hard for me to be away from my friends and extended family. Another challenge we have encountered is distanced learning. Each school is doing their best to provide students with effective virtual learning. With this comes many struggles. Some people do not have the supplies to learn virtually. Schools have found ways to help every student have the best possible experience learning during this time. Business closings are another challenge. People are losing their jobs and cannot provide for themselves. It is heartbreaking to think about all the suffering we are going through, but it is important to know our challenges in order to cope with them.

At the beginning of the outbreak, I was on a road trip with my family. I handed out coloring pages to workers at gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores. These people were working hard to meet the needs of everyone at the beginning of this battle. By giving them the colorings I made, I showed them my appreciation during these hard times. I have been sending letters and little gifts to my friends to show how much I miss them. Another way I have stayed connected is through FaceTime. It is so nice to see each other. Supporting others is extremely important for their health, along with yours.

People are suffering in their own ways during this battle. It is crucial to understand how to cope with your suffering, recognize the challenges during this virus, and support your loved ones during these hard times. We are all hurting in some way, but with the help of one another, and self-care, we can pull through.


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