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Case Studies

Case studies offer concrete examples and success stories of how librarians and educators have used Teen Health & Wellness to support teens both in libraries and classrooms.

Read the case studies below to:

  • See how our public library partners like Brooklyn (NY) and Schaumburg (IL) use Teen Health & Wellness to support their goal of creating healthy communities.
  • Learn how public school districts like San Diego (CA) and Appleton (WI) were able to stretch their budgets to offer safe, credible, and authoritative information and self-help support to their students.
  • Hear from students in Naperville (IL) Central High School, who found the information in Teen Health & Wellness helpful, easily accessible, and said they would use the resource again.

Complete case studies here:
Appleton (WI) School District
Brooklyn (NY) Public Library
Nashville (TN) Limitless Libraries
San Diego (CA) School District
Schaumburg (IL) Public Library
St. Joseph (MO) School District