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Alexander’s Story

How do we cope with the pandemic? This is an unprecedented epidemic. COVID-19 has had an effect on all of our lives. It is detrimental to mental health as well as detrimental to the economy. It has begun to cause a huge cultural shift in our lives. However bad this may be though, we have various ways to cope.

Numerous states have enacted stay-at-home orders. This causes huge shifts in everyone’s social and recreational affairs. An example of this is social media. Numerous “Quarantine Trends” have popped up because of it, to be expected as it is a widespread thing across the world. It is expected to have a widespread cultural effect on the world after the pandemic is over.

COVID-19 is detrimental to our mental health. This pandemic is causing people to panic. This causes the disease to spread faster in numerous ways. People crowd to protest in panic, further spreading Covid. This panic destroys our economy as well. People cause shortages, stimulus causes inflation. In short, this damage to our mental health is damaging our economy.

Now, even with all these negative things, we can cope. With many methods. One easy one, which sounds rudimentary but works, is to distract yourself. Playing video games is one thing that helps many. The social aspect can be helped with FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and other various services. It is difficult, and it isn’t easy, but with cooperation from everyone, we can do this.

The massive effect on us all, how our economy is suffering along with our mental health, and how we can cope with all this. I know these are some very heavy topics, but we will get through this, together, as a community.


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