The Power of Relationships

Hollywood A-listers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon aren’t just famous for being award-winning actors and screen-writers; they’re also famous for being the best of friends.

Affleck and Damon grew up two blocks away from each other in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They met through their mothers, who both worked in early childhood education. The boys were inseparable from the time Damon was ten and Affleck was eight. Both dreamed of becoming actors and were active in high school theater together. At lunch, they would hold “business meetings” in the school cafeteria, during which they would discuss their plans of becoming real-live Hollywood movie stars.

At times, Affleck’s and Damon’s parents expressed concern over their desire to go into acting. They knew acting was a very competitive profession, and they didn’t want to watch their sons endure too much rejection. Nevertheless, Affleck and Damon refused to give up their mutual dream. The encouragement and support with which they provided each other were stronger than any words of discouragement could ever be.

Although Affleck and Damon went to different colleges, they made a point to keep their friendship going strong. They visited each other whenever they could and spoke on the phone nearly every day. They continued to persuade each other that both had what it took to make it as professional actors, and they attended college theater courses in an effort to perfect their craft.

One day, Damon asked Affleck to give him some feedback on a scene he had written for a playwriting class. Always more than happy to help his best friend, Affleck eagerly reviewed the project. He was so impressed with the work Damon had done that he suggested they turn the scene into a full-fledged screenplay.

Some people would have laughed at the idea that their class project could become an actual feature film. Damon, on the other hand, didn’t think twice about agreeing to his friend’s proposal. He knew that when he paired up with Affleck, anything was possible.

The friends worked on their screenplay day and night. After college, they became roommates in New York and were able to complete their project side by side. They titled their screenplay Good Will Hunting and worked on selling it to a production company.

However, it’s the power of their relationship that has truly made them successful.
It wasn’t long before Miramax Films bought the rights to Good Will Hunting. Affleck and Damon were thrilled by their success, but what was even more exciting was that they were going to star in the film. And just when they thought things couldn’t possibly get better, famous director Gus Van Sant agreed to work on the movie, as did superstar actor Robin Williams.

Many people believed in the success of Good Will Hunting, but no one could have anticipated the magnitude of its eventual achievements. The movie opened to rave reviews and received two Academy Awards. Williams won the award for Best Supporting Actor, and Affleck and Damon accepted the award for Best Original Screenplay.

No one can deny that Affleck and Damon are talented actors and writers. However, it’s the power of their relationship that has truly made them successful. It’s doubtful that either of them would be where they are today if they hadn’t continued to support and encourage each other. Their friendship is a perfect example of how working to maintain a strong, positive relationship can bring people happiness, success, and lifelong satisfaction.

You are not alone in your journey through life. No doubt you have friends and family members who believe in you as much as Ben Affleck and Matt Damon believed in each other. However, it takes a good deal of hard work and dedication to make the most out of any positive relationship.